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flash back.

there we were, laying face to face on this california king bed. white fluffy pillows held our heads up as we laughed, talked, and enjoyed our friday night. it was the first time we spent this much time together in months. you pulled me closer to you, and planted your lips right on mine. “I love you.” you said. my mind raced, telling me not to fall for this again. it’s what we do. the strength of our love brings us back to eachother, but not long after, we fall apart. i can’t let you back because it will hurt too much to lose you again. “Don’t say that..” i firmly ordered. but you didn’t listen. you said it again. this time slower, pushing the hair away from my eyes, “I. Love. You.” i gazed at you for a long moment. sliding my hand down your face to your chest, i whispered, “I love you too.”

— 2 years ago
#love  #memory  #fall  #falling  #together  #first time  #you  #forever 

trying to do what is best for me by letting you go. but then i always remember that you’re the one who brings out the best in me. i love you & i want to scream it to the world. i love you. please tell me you feel it too

— 2 years ago
#love  #pain  #moving on  #scream  #you  #let go  #remember  #best